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As your Texas Land Commissioner, Dr. Buckingham is using every tool at her disposal to help Texas DPS and the Texas Military Department secure our border.

Dr. Buckingham has granted access to numerous islands in the Rio Grande for border security operations.

Commissioner Buckingham is fighting back against China's attempts to buy Texas land and control our electric grid.

Dawn is keeping our Texas energy safe from Chinese interference.

The Daily Caller: Can Texas Stop Biden From Building A Massive Wind Farm Off Its Coast?

As a ninth-generation Texan, I have always loved and respected our beautiful coast..

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El Paso Times: El Paso’s Climate Charter has no regard for hard-working Texans

Texas shines as a bright beacon to everyone throughout the country. Being the ninth largest economy in the world..

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The Federalist: Biden’s Border Invasion Will Bolster Democrats’ Electoral College Majority

Democrats don’t care about public safety. They only care about securing more Electoral College votes..

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Townhall: Dunes Sagebrush Lizard ESA Classification– Hurting Texas Oil and Gas, School Children

Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign slogan is “Let’s finish the job,” but based on his administration’s latest proposed abuse of federal law, it should be “Lizards over People.”

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Breitbart: Texas Land Commissioner: Biden’s EPA Power Plant Regulations Will Defund Education, Crush Jobs

Since his first day in the Oval Office, Joe Biden has done everything in his power to implement fanciful leftist ideals that pander to his base..

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