Meet Dr. Dawn

Dr. Dawn Buckingham’s close supporters, family, and friends were not surprised she made history in 2016 when she triumphed in a tough campaign to become the first Republican from Travis County ever elected to the Texas Senate, and the first woman ever elected to represent Senate District 24. Dr. Buckingham’s independent spirit and tenacious nature made her a natural Texas Senate leader on strengthening border security, keeping taxes low, protecting life, defending the 2nd amendment, and improving public education.

Dr. Dawn Buckingham was one of the first and most vocal physicians to stand up against Obamacare. Her outspoken voice led to Bloomberg News publishing her perspective that “Obamacare would be the downfall of the American healthcare system.” Since then, she has continued to be a strong conservative fighter against the liberal Austin and Washington, DC elite. Additionally, President Donald Trump tapped into Dr. Buckingham’s health care expertise during a White House healthcare meeting. In her continued relentless fight, she is not afraid to stand up for Texans and has proven herself a conservative fighter for Texas values locally, statewide, and nationally.

Dr. Buckingham’s family members were among the first settlers to Texas seven generations ago, and that tough, independent, pioneer spirit is deeply-rooted in her personality. True to her Texas roots, her commitment to service began early, serving as a volunteer firefighter and attending the Texas A&M Fire School. She is also an avid hunter and outdoorswoman.

Dr. Buckingham is instinctively fiscally conservative and adverse to debt. Thus, when she did not have the money to fund a traditional college experience, she chose to live at home and work two jobs to pay for college at UT-Austin. With endurance of spirit she graduated Magna Cum Laude and debt-free. It was during college that she met the love of her life and husband of 30 years, Ed Buckingham. Dawn and Ed both received their medical degrees from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, and they have two children. Her commitment to service and recognition for her work has allowed her to hold leadership positions in local, state, and national organizations.

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Protecting what Matters

Illegal Immigration

- Texans want a strong and secure southern border. As a passionate believer in the need for a secure border, Dr. Buckingham has worked tirelessly to do just that.

- In the Texas Senate, Dr. Buckingham voted for three balanced state budgets that each included almost $1 billion to secure our southern border due to the federal government’s failure to do so.

- Dr. Buckingham put the teeth in the legislation that banned sanctuary cities by creating penalties for elected officials who do not follow the law, including a mechanism for them to be removed from office after successful prosecution.

- She has toured the Texas/Mexico border multiple times to witness and address the human safety and public health crisis created by the federal government’s inability to secure the southern border.

Protecting Jobs

- Texas continues to attract new jobs due to its low tax and low regulatory environment. Dr. Buckingham fights to keep the Biden Administration’s job-killing agenda away from hardworking Texans.

- Dr. Buckingham tirelessly fights for business owners and against local officials every day — especially when those officials have tried oppress businesses during COVID-19.

- As a dedicated fighter against government overreach, Dr. Buckingham co-authored landmark legislation to protect business owners from predatory lawsuits and federal government overreach. For those businesses who operated in good faith during the COVID-19 pandemic, she helped pass liability protections.

- Cutting unnecessary regulatory red tape is one of Dr. Buckingham’s priorities and essential to keeping Texas great! Continuing Texas’ low regulatory burden allows Texas to lead the nation in job growth and economic prosperity.

Protecting Life

- Year after year, Texans ask for strong pro-life policies, and Dr. Buckingham has a proven track record of standing up and fighting for those who cannot defend themselves — the unborn.

- As a protector of traditional family values and life, Dr. Buckingham co-authored the strongest pro-life piece of legislation in Texas history, the Texas Heartbeart Act. This bill bans abortions after a heartbeat is detected ~ 6 weeks into a pregnancy.

- Dr. Buckingham consistently votes for and co-authors legislation that seeks to protect the unborn and has been endorsed by every major pro-life organization in her previous Senate campaigns.

Election Integrity

- Safe and secure elections are hallmarks of our democracy. Every Texan deserves to know their vote is counted legally.

- Dr. Buckingham co-authored and successfully amended SB 7 this legislative session to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat through methods such as ballot harvesting.

- Dr. Buckingham believes the greatest threat to the constitutional right to vote is voter fraud. This belief inspired her to author multiple pieces of legislation aimed to prevent election fraud and ensure jail time for those who cheat our elections.

Improving Public Education

- Dr. Buckingham has always said that educating our children is the single most important thing we can do as leaders. Having a well-funded and sound public education system in Texas is pivotal in ensuring that Texas continues to lead the nation with a strong and educated workforce.

- Dr. Buckingham served as a Lake Travis ISD school board member prior to her time in the Texas Senate.

- In 2019, Dr. Buckingham voted for and passed HB 3, the single largest investment in our public education system. In 2021, she kept this funding promise to our education system and our educators, despite a $1 billion deficit to the Texas budget.

Protecting the Alamo

- Protecting our state’s rich history is more important now than ever with radical Democrats seeking to rewrite our past with their own agenda. Senator Dr. Buckingham passed the only legislation this session protecting monuments, markers, and medallions on historical structures.

- Dr. Buckingham has voted for funds to protect and preserve the Alamo for future generations to come.

- When some were talking about moving the Cenotaph, Dr. Buckingham fought alongside the grassroots and led the charge that ultimately resulted in the Cenotaph staying in its rightful place of honor. In 2018, she wrote a letter to the Texas Land Commissioner highlighting the fact that per state statute, the Texas General Land Office did not have the proper authority to unilaterally move the Alamo Cenotaph without proper approval from the Texas Historical Commission. This led the Texas Historical Commission to take a historic vote to keep the Cenotaph from moving. This was a great finale to a grassroots fight.

Hurricane Recovery

- Dr. Buckingham’s family survived the 1900 Galveston Hurricane, and she has lived several decades on the Texas coast. She understands the economic importance of this area, the need to protect our beaches and the need to respect property owners' rights. Having lived through several hurricanes herself, she also has a unique perspective on recovery after a storm. She believes Texas will always be impacted by natural disasters, and it is up to our state’s leaders to ensure that we create a framework to mitigate any storm that may affect the state in the future.

- Dr. Buckingham has successfully voted for historic legislation that seeks to protect the Texas coast and hurricane victims from Hurricane Harvey and other recent storms by funding innovative mitigation efforts. Additionally, she has voted for legislation that creates the Gulf Coast Protection District, which will lead to the creation of a coastal barrier system, commonly known as the Ike Dike, which will protect the vulnerable Texas coastline, oil refineries, and energy facilities.