“Texas can be even better. I’ll put government spending on a diet, fight to secure the border, lower taxes on families, and defend the unborn.”

Dr. Dawn on the Issues


Border security is the biggest threat to Texas’ security and prosperity that we face today. The time for excuses has long past. We must secure our border, period.

But we must also deal with interior issues. That’s why during my first legislative session, I proudly co-wrote and voted for our state’s sanctuary cities law. To show just how serious I am about securing the border and curbing the influx of illegal immigration, I authored and successfully attached the amendment to the sanctuary cities bill that allows for any public official who ignores federal immigration laws to be removed from office.

Additionally, in both of the legislative sessions that I have served as your state senator, I have voted for a state budget that dedicates nearly a billion dollars each to fund the Department of Public Safety and the National Guard to help secure the border.

Securing our border is truly an issue of life or death, and without a secure border, we do not have a nation.

Public Education

As a former school board member and a parent whose children went to public schools, I believe it is one of our most important responsibilities as legislators to adequately fund and educate our public school system in Texas. I will always fight for our public schools. This past legislative session I proudly supported House Bill 3, a landmark piece of school finance reform legislation that will truly transform public education in Texas. Under this bill, every single school district in Texas will receive an increase in per student funding from the state. Additionally, teachers, librarians, nurses, and counselors will all receive an increase in total compensation with the ability to earn additional bonuses. Our state resources are precious, but so are our students and those who educate them, and I proudly supported this increase in funding.

During my tenure as a Trustee on the Lake Travis ISD School Board, my conservative approach helped the district cut unnecessary costs and provide a high-quality education, and led to my gubernatorial appointment to the State Board of Educator Certification. Once on the Board it was the educators who elected me as their vice chair. I will continue to use the same conservative approach in my fight to ensure that our kids receive the best possible public education.


I will always fight for you against higher taxes-because I believe the government exists to serve you-not the other way around.

Texas has become a beacon all across our country for job-creators looking to escape higher tax, higher regulation states and for workers looking for good-paying job opportunities. One way we can continue to keep Texas the model for the rest of the nation is to ban a state income tax and this legislative session, we did just that. I proudly voted to advance legislation to the voters that would effectively ban a state income tax in Texas via a constitutional amendment. This November, I am confident that Texans will overwhelmingly vote to ban a state income tax as well.

This session there was an effort to raise the state sales tax to make it near the highest in the nation. Sticking to my true conservative Texas roots, I fought to make sure this did not happen. I spoke against this effort on the Senate floor, and following my speech, this idea was officially removed from the school-funding bill.

Recently, property taxes have been rising uncontrollably with no end in sight. I am honored to say that the Texas Legislature passed comprehensive property tax reform in Senate Bill 2 which will save taxpayers $2.6 billion over the next 5 years. This bill will also not allow local counties and cities to raise taxes more than 3.5% without voter approval.


I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a doctor, and pro-life. I am proud to be a pro-life champion for you in the Texas Senate. We have a duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves. That’s why I believe we must do all we can to protect the innocent, precious lives of the unborn. During my first term as the State Senator District 24, I proudly co-authored several pro-life bills including:

  • Banning the use of taxpayer dollars to support abortion providers;
  • Adding protections to infants who survive abortions with the Texas Born Alive Infant Protection Act;
  • Increasing criminal penalties for buying or selling human fetal tissue;
  • And banning partial birth abortions in Texas.

I am committed to ending the senseless murder of the unborn and that is why I will never give up fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves, especially the unborn.

Faith and Family

I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a doctor, and pro-life. That’s why I believe we must do all we can to protect the innocent, precious lives of the unborn. I believe abortion should only be allowed in cases where it’s absolutely medically necessary, and taxpayers should not have to fund abortions.

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