Honor & service: Gov. Abbott, Sen. Buckingham recognize veterans’ sacrifices

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By McKenzie Moellering via Fredericksburg Standard

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott spoke to veterans, family members and other attendees about the importance of celebrating Veterans Day while speaking at the National Museum of the Pacific War on Monday.

The governor was joined by Texas State Senator Dawn Buckingham and CEO of the Admiral Nimitz Foundation Gen. Michael Hagee.

Hagee thanked the community for braving the cooler weather, as temperatures dropped during the presentation.

“I think this afternoon is when temperatures are going to start plummeting so if you are planning a barbecue, you may need to rethink that,” Hagee said.

Hagee thanked those who served and those who support them.

“Many of you came at a time when the nation wasn’t very supportive but you still came forward and tried to do your best for our nation,” he said. “And we should all be very proud of that. One of the reasons I am delighted to see so many people here is to commemorate and thank these individuals.”

During Abbott’s speech, the governor spoke about supporting veterans and helping preserve their legacy. He recognized the National Museum of the Pacific War for its connection to Admiral Chester W. Nimitz and how the museum has helped tell an important story.

He emphasized how Veterans Day and Memorial Day are the most important holidays to be celebrated, because if it weren’t for the honor and service of veterans that Americans would not be able to celebrate other holidays such as Christmas, Fourth of July and more.

“It is because of our veterans and those serving around the world today, that America remains the brightest beacon of freedom the world has ever known,” he said. “Today and every day, we must honor the men and women who put service above self and who bravely fought to defend our nation and promote security around the world.”

Abbott expressed concerns over advancing socialism over the individual freedoms that have been secured by veterans.

“People too easily forget the evils of socialism, communism and totalitarianism that America has fought against. They take it for granted,” he said.

He concluded by reminding the audience of the sacrifices, and that freedom is always worth fighting for.

“While we can never fully repay the debt we owe our veterans, we have a responsibility to preserve their legacy and the freedoms for which they fought. To all our veterans, I share with you the enduring gratitude of the people of Texas.”

State Sen. Dawn Buckingham was recognized by Hagee for the support she has given at the city and county levels as well as at the National Museum of the Pacific War.

“Without her leadership and her reaching across the aisle and motiving others to take stuff that we needed and take Texas out of the trash can and make it into law, I personally want to thank her,” Hagee said.

Buckingham thanked veterans and their families for the sacrifices they make.

“On the state and local level, we are doing everything we can to support not only our active military but our veterans,” she said. ‘I want to thank all of our veterans and all of our active military and all of our families, because it’s really about you all.”

The program also included patriotic songs sung by the Fredericksburg Chorale which was directed by September Van der Stoel and the playing of taps.