“Texas can be even better. I’ll put government spending on a diet, fight to secure the border, lower taxes on families, make sure parents decide their children’s educations, and defend the unborn.”

Dr. Dawn on the Issues

Border Security, Amnesty, and Sanctuary Cities

Border security is the biggest threat to Texas’ security and prosperity that we face today. The time for excuses has long past. Texas must secure our border, period.

But we must also deal with interior issues. So-called sanctuary cities that host and support illegal immigrants put Texans at risk and unnecessarily burden taxpayers. I believe a reasonable first step to rid our state of sanctuary cities is to stop the flow of state dollars to these cities until they reverse their policies.

Texas doesn’t have to wait for the big-government politicians in Washington—we can act now. I support pressuring Governor Abbott to use his authority to seal the border with the Texas National Guard.

Local Education

As a mother, providing my children with a quality education is a top priority. That’s why we need to empower parents in their children’s education, and spend more of our tax dollars in the classroom. Kids should not be sentenced to a failing school and public schools should not be expected to compete in a market with both hands tied behind their backs. Children should never have their futures controlled by overreaching politicians. Our kids need an education, not more bureaucracy.

As most parents know, the solutions are easy to figure out. The hard part is taking on the entrenched unions and bureaucrats.

I understand the duress local teachers are under and I know how to reform education. During my tenure as a Trustee on the Lake Travis ISD School Board, my conservative approach helped the district cut unnecessary costs and provide a high-quality education, and led to my gubernatorial appointment to the State Board of Educator Certification. Once on the Board it was the educators who elected me as their vice chair.

Cut Spending & Taxes, Grow the Economy

Texas has become a beacon all across our country for job-creators looking to escape higher tax, higher regulation states and for workers looking for good-paying job opportunities.

While Texas has a competitive business environment relative to liberal states like California, we can do even better. Texas doesn’t have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem. Reducing the size and scope of unnecessary government burdens like spending, taxes, and regulations will make Texas even more competitive and prosperous, and provide greater opportunity for working families

Patient-Centered Healthcare

As a doctor, I’ve seen our healthcare system from every angle, and I know we can do better. Simply put, we need to get rid of the meddling that comes between a doctor and her patient, and restore the balance of power between patients and the doctors they employ. That’s why I’ve served as the chair of the Texas Medical Association’s Council on Legislation fighting for patient’s rights.

Government middle-men and perverse incentives brought on by thousands of government regulations were increasing healthcare costs even before the ObamaCare disaster, which made everything worse. We need true, conservative, free market reforms to bring down costs and increase quality.

Faith and Family

I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a doctor, and pro-life. That’s why I believe we must do all we can to protect the innocent, precious lives of the unborn. I believe abortion should only be allowed in cases where it’s absolutely medically necessary, and taxpayers should not have to fund abortions.

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