Dr. Dawn Buckingham seeks Texas Senate seat

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Dr. Dawn Buckingham of Lakeway is seeking the Republican nomination for Texas Senate District 24, which includes Lampasas County.

Incumbent Troy Fraser (R-Horseshoe Bay) has announced he will not run for reelection in 2016.

An ophthalmologist, Buckingham served on the Lake Travis Independent School District Board of Trustees before resigning from that position in June.

She describes herself as a conservative whose decision to run for the senatorial position is motivated by her family and her small business.

“As the mom of two kids, I look at the world that they’re inheriting, and it’s frightening…” she said.

“As a physician and a small businesswoman, the government inflicts pain on my life every day,” Buckingham added.

The Texas Senate candidate expressed her opposition to the Affordable Care Act – also called Obamacare – as a priority.

Obamacare, Buckingham said, has negatively affected her medical practice in numerous ways.

“Our practice administrator used to actually administer our practice,” Buckingham said. Now the administrator spends more time on quality reporting, she said.

Electronic medical records have slowed the business down and made it more complicated to enter data, Buckingham added.

The ophthalmologist believes certain requirements of the federal health care law have cost her time with patients, effectively turning her position “into data entry specialist.”

Buckingham said she favors health care reform to enable a system in which “there is transparency in pricing” and insurance companies act in the best interest of patients.

The candidate’s other stated priorities include:

• “Protect the unborn and stand up for life.”

• “Cut wasteful spending and lower taxes.”

• “Seal the border and eradicate sanctuary cities.”

• “Empower parents in their children’s education.”

In regard to the unborn and the issue of abortion, Buckingham said, ‘I hope that there’s a day that abortions are illegal.

“I think we’ve seen by the Planned Parenthood videos that there were terrible atrocities against mankind …,” she said.

“I believe abortion should only be allowed in cases where it’s absolutely medically necessary, and taxpayers should not have to fund abortions,” Buckingham’s campaign website states.

The candidate did not mention specific goals for reducing spending, but she believes in general there is excessive bureaucracy in the government.

Buckingham indicated her objective of sealing the Texas border with Mexico would include a combination of putting physical barriers in place and maintaining a presence of law enforcement.

The candidate supports “pressuring Governor Abbott to use his authority to seal the border with the Texas National Guard.” She also advocates cutting off state funds from “sanctuary cities” that defy immigration law.

Buckingham has served as an appointee to the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission since 2013. It is a 12-member legislative commission tasked with identifying and eliminating waste, duplication and inefficiency for more than 130 state agencies.

In addition, Buckingham holds a gubernatorial appointment as the vice chair of the State Board for Educator Certification.

She also has held leadership positions in the Texas Medical Association, she said.

Her husband, Dr. Edward Buckingham, is a plastic surgeon with the Buckingham Center for Facial Plastic Surgery in Austin.

Both are graduates of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

Before attending medical school, Dawn Buckingham graduated from Westlake High School and the University of Texas in Austin.

She completed a fellowship in Albany, N.Y., and has been an ophthalmologist for about 12 years.

The filing period for candidates to place their name on the ballot for the March 1 Republican and Democratic state primaries begins Nov. 14 and extends through Dec. 14.

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