Buckingham Outlines Goals for Senate District 24

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ABILENE, Texas – The basic reason Dr. Dawn Buckingham wants to run for Texas Senate District 24, office, she said, is to “decrease the footprint of government we feel in our everyday lives.”

The oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon, who lives in Lakeway, located about 20 miles west of Austin, said that she has seen the future Texas children are inheriting — and that “worries me greatly.”

“So I’m standing up to fight for our kids’ future,” said Buckingham, stopping in Abilene for a short visit to the Reporter-News.

Sen. Troy Fraser (R-Horseshoe bay) announced in June he will not seek another term for the District 24 seat.

A Westlake High School and University of Texas graduate, Buckingham attended medical school with a residency at the University of Texas’ medical branch in Galveston.

She became attracted to medicine, she said, “because I like to help people.”

“I realized while I was taking care of patients, I could help one patient at a time in my office,” she said. “But as a senator, I could help millions of Texans at a time.”

She currently holds a gubernatorial appointment as the vice chair of the State Board of Educator Certification. Buckingham also served as the Lieutenant Governor’s appointee on the Sunset Commission, where she “reduced the size of government and increased efficiency of government services,” according to her website.

Running as a Republican, she believes border security is needed “before we can have discussions about anything else.”

“Recently in the press, we’ve seen unfortunately that we have some good folks come across the border, but we have some bad folks come across the border,” she said. “Until we seal it and have a reasonable immigration policy, we’re in trouble.”

“Clearly, the Legislature took a good first step in this last session toward securing the border,” she said. “It’s going to be a combination of manpower and physical barriers such as fences, balancing all of that and making that work in that rugged terrain.”

One of her goals if elected, she said, is to “empower parents in their children’s education,” she said.

“I always say kids shouldn’t be sentenced to a failing school, but public schools shouldn’t have to compete with both hands tied behind their backs,” she said.

Buckingham, who describes herself on her website as a “small-business woman, physician, mom, Christian and liberty-minded candidate,” said that she and her husband of 24 years, plastic surgeon Ed Buckingham, have seen “the downfall of the American health care system accelerated by Obamacare, which has moved people seeking care to the most expensive venues possible.”

Buckingham, 47, also said that “protecting the unborn” and “stand(ing) for life” were other goals vital to her.

A former volunteer firefighter, and graduate of the Texas A&M Fire School, Buckingham and her husband also raise cattle, she said, and enjoy the outdoors.

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